“Walking & Life Analogy”

do not look down while walking

because you will hit a pole

look up, so you can see the hazards


Scientists don’t buy Japan’s claims that Fukushima radiation is “contained”

The Japanese should be open about this, as it contains the safety of the entire world.


New! Worker has minor injury at Fukushima Nuclear site due to snow build up - Tepco report”Once strontium gets into fish, it stays in them for months and years and it’s going to be an additional reason why they won’t be able to open up their fisheries.”

“The credibility problem is as great as the engineering solution,”

Scientists dismiss claims that radiation in Japan is contained TEPCO’S radiation claims called ‘silly’ The Columbian, By Jonathan Tirone, Bloomberg News  October 7, 2013, VIENNA — Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s claim that radioactive water leaking into the sea from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant is confined to the coast doesn’t make scientific sense, according to a U.S. researcher who surveyed waters off the site last month.

Japan’s government has supported the utility’s statement that the irradiated groundwater flowing into the Pacific Ocean at a rate of some 400 tons a day remains in an area of 0.3 square kilometers (0.12 square miles) within the bay fronting the atomic station.

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